Donate to a Shelter

Help us care for as many animals as we can.

Animal shelters all over the world that need our help. The USA has over 13,000 animal shelters alone, and regardless of the country, these wonderful places are full of people who tirelessly care for our stray and unwanted animals.

We donate a portion of our profits to animal shelters throughout the world. As pet rescuers, and pet lovers, this is an initiative that close to our heart.

Listen up, because you can help them too.

Now, you can donate a Hoodyroo, with a special 20% discount, to the shelter of your choice, so these extraordinary hero's can connect and bond, with the animals that need to feel that special love, and connection, the most. 

Let us know who you've donated a Hoodyroo to, so we can give you a special shout out on our Facebook family.

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Every day is an opportunity to be a hero to people who need you.